​ LEED Gold Certified

FLEXHOUSE - Accessible Home in Grayslake

Lake County’s First Passive Solar, Accessible Home 

​33160 N. Cove Rd.

Grayslake (Wildwood), IL )

 Flexhouse combines the best of several schools of thought:

Green, Sustainable ( Awarded LEED Gold Certification )

        - Passive solar with a solar wall filled with BioPCM, a phase  

           change material     

        - Passive geothermal with an isolated underground room where

          outside air is heated or cooled by the earth's temperature

        - Triple pane windows

        - Heat recovery ventilation system

        - Spray foam insulation with blown fiberglass

        - High efficiency furnace, central air, and hot water heater

        - LED lighting

        - Energy Star appliances

        - Recycled materials including floors made from trees on the site

Universal Design/Aging in Place

        - Universal design makes makes a house safer, easier and

           more convenient for everyone, no matter their size or physical


        - Aging in place lets a house go from starter home to retirement

          home with a flexible design that adapts to changing situations -

          from birth to death - and across multiple generations.

         - 3 stacked closets conceal a regulation elevator shaft for future                use if needed

         - All doors are 3' wide for wheel chair access

         - There are no thresholds, or change in floor levels

         - Upper kitchen cabinets are a bit lower than usual for easy                      access.

         - Microwave and pull out pantry easily used by all including                      wheelchair user

         - Roll in showers

         - Second floor bedroom easily converted into independent                      apartment for caregiver or elderly parent or adult child

         - Low maintenance with James Hardie Siding (concrete                            composite  material)

 Small house

        - Designed for efficiency with no wasted space